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I write, therefore I am

With this variation on a famous statement by the philosopher Descartes, I would like to express that the act of writing about what happens in my life is important to me.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Dune script and screenplay

Today, I finished working on my page where I compare the Dune book with the script, the screenplay and the transcript of the Dune 2021 film. The last bit I worked on, was about matching the scene 59 of the script with the text of Chapter 16, which is about the dinner with guests. I guess there are still points to improvement, but I will leave it as it is.

In the past months, I found some more first time watching reaction movies, the last of which has very poor quality. It also looks like it is speed up and that you have to watch it at 0.65 times the speed to get about the normal speed, but even than it is very hard to understand.

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Wheat grain cleaning

Today at the issue of Herenboeren Usseler Es we received approximately two kilos of wheat grain to clean. The wheat had already gone through a winnowing machine twice. This is a hand-driven machine with which the wheat is sieved and the chaff is blown away by wind. There is also a lot of grass seed among the wheat. The purpose of cleansing (also called reading) is to remove the last impurities. This mainly concerns seeds that are still among the wheat. We quite enjoyed doing it. I did it at the end with a plastic fork on a large plate, filling the plate with a handful of grain each time and then push the grain forward with the fork and remove all the rubbish from between. The last bit from the bag was the most work because most of the rubbish had slowly fallen to the bottom by the shaking of us getting hands of grains out of the bag. Last week, approximately 40 kilos of wheat was already ground at the windmill in Lonneker.

Monday, September 25, 2023


This weekend and this evening, I spend some time writing a program to analyze the solutions to the OctoPuszle I found last weekend. First, I wrote some code to check the number of pairs of tiles that can be swapped, meaning that there exists a pair of horizontal, vertical or diagonal touching tiles that can be swapped with a similar pair elsewhere because they match on the outside, but differ on the inside. I checked this for all the solutions found. Below the number of solutions with the given possible swaps:
 0  287
 1  488
 2  353
 3  133
 4   61
 5    9
 6    4
From this the average number of pairs of tiles that can be swap is 1.427715. Next, I wrote some code to compare each combination of two solutions to see how many differences there are between them and the smallest rectangle area in which the differences occured. The most common number of differences between two pairs is 253, meaning that there are just three tiles the same. This is probably close to average number of tiles that any two solutions have in common. Of the 890445 combinations of two solutions there were 184825 that had 253 differences. Although there are zero combinations with 238 differences, there are many combinations with 54 and less differences. There are 1256 combinations with 35 differences. The frequences of the difference do not match with the actual differences for all solutions. This is due to limited number of solutions, some rather close to eachother, that were found with the algoritm that was used. It is interesting to investigate the average number of solutions that have a certain number of differences.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Exhibition of 6Sprong artist

In the afternoon, I went into the city and visted the exhibition Ateliers 6Sprong op bezoek at Concordia with works by artist who have a studio at 6Sprong. I liked the following works:

Saturday, September 23, 2023


Monday, September 18, 2023


Last weekend, I worked on my Exact Cover program in order to see if I could get a beter estimate for the Octopuszle. I did get it to work and also fixed a problem with calculating the estimate based on statistics. I did find many new solutions to the puzzle, but the estimation did not converge. This evening, I let it run with slightly different parameters and it came back with much lower numbers. The numbers I have been seeing are in the 10163 and 10166 range. Which is similar to what I reported before. Among the solutions that were found by the various runs, there were solutions that where rather similar, sometimes just with four tiles being swapped. When I thought about this, I realized that it is actually quite likely that these kind of swaps occur in any given solution (due to the birthday paradox).

Late Roman time

I got a reply to the report that I submitted on the second of this month about the piece of stoneware that I found. It has been registered under number 5463631100. The report states that it is (in Dutch) 'ruwwandig aardewerk, gedraaid', which translate to: 'rough-walled earthenware, turned'. The report also states that it is possibly from the late Roman time, which (in the Netherlands) is the periode from 270 to 450. This is a bit earlier than the one I got on sixth of the month. When I replied to that one that the piece was quite hard, I got the answer that it is more likely that it is from a later period.

Thursday, September 14, 2023


I went to Amsterdam. On the way there, I traveled through Utrecht where I left the train station to visit bookshops Steven Sterk and Aleph (just shortly). In Amsterdam, I went to see the exhibition The Art Experience at RTXP. It mainly consisted of reproduction of famous paintings. They did not mention the names of the artists that made the reproductions. There were some original art works. I found the following noteworthy:

Next, I visited Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam where I saw a number of exhibitions. I first watched the documentary Seahorse Parents by Miriam Guttmann. Next, I saw the exhibition Next Level: Sara Cwynar in reverse order. I found the following works noteworthy:

Then I saw the major exhibition: A Play of Light and Shadow with photographs by Ara Güler. The photographs do not have titles. They are shown with a location and a date. I found the following photographs noteworthy:

After this visited, I visited the following bookshops: De Slegte, Athenaeum boekhandel Amsterdam, The American Book Center, and Scheltema Boekverkopers. The later used to have a second hand section on the top floor. The remaindered books (ramsj in Dutch) that used to be on the second or third floor now can be found on the top floor. I found it a bit chaotic. I also went to the high-end department store De Bijenkorf, where at 18:06:24 I bought a Moleskin daily planner for 2024 for € 23.90. The trip home by train took a bit longer due an international train requiring reservations and two trains that were canceled. I finished reading the book De Broodschrijver: over de Herman Brood-biografie van Bart Chabot by Arjan Peters, which I started reading this morning after I bought it on May 30. (Later, I discovered this was actual the second reading of the book, the first time, being April 3-4, 2011.) The book contains interviews of Bart Chabot about his writting the biography of Herman Brood. I read one part of the four book biography. Chabot wrote this during a period of seven years. It was interesting to read (for a second time).

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

After the Storm

This evening, I visited the exhibition After the Storm by Fernanda Gomes (on instagram). She arrived on July 5 in the Netherlands by plane and was stuck at the airport due to the trains not running because of the Storm Poly. In the projects that she made since her stays, she was wearing a blue dress. At the exhibition she wore a green dress. I understand that that is related to the next theme. Before she did a project with the colour red. I did not stay until the preformance that she was going to give.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

OSV2020 software hacked?

This evening, there was a news item on Dutch national tv (broadcast at 18:00) about the Dutch vote counting software OSV2020. See also: Hacker discovered serious vulnerabilities in Dutch vote counting software. It was not in the actual counting software, but the investigators found some passwords through the installer, allowing them theoretically, to replace the official counting software with a replacement that could change the summation. For a detailed description, read: The importance of post-build audits: Do you know what you ship? It was verified that no actual attack was performed and the the vulnerabilities were closed. The official report in Dutch about this is: Opgeloste beveiligingsmelding inzake de ondersteunende software verkiezingen (OSV2020). This again emphasizes the need for totally independent verification based on the published files.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Who owns the land? the countryside?

I went to the exhibition Van wie is het (platte)land (which you could translate to 'Who owns the land? the countryside?') at Rijksmuseum Twenthe. It is actually a combination of three exhibitions of which one is also part of the photo manifestation that will be held in Enschede this fall. The first visited the exhibition Terra Libera (Latin for 'The Free land'). I found the following works noteworth:

Works from the second exhibition, called Extractivism, I found noteworthy are:

From the normal collection, I saw:

Finally, I saw third exhibition, which is part of the photo manifistation, consiting of:

In the garden, Strings of Soul was playing.

Regional heat wave

I was looking for what was the last record temperature for yesterday, so I downloaded a zip file with weather data for weather station 290: Twente starting from 1951 till yesterday. I was a bit surprised that it mentioned higher maximum temperatures than the ones I find on weather graphs on a Dutch rain radar website. This might be because these graphs are based on a less frequent sampling, thus missing some of the fluctuations. Starting from September, it mentions the temperatures: 25.6°C, 29.7°C, 30.5°C, 30.2°C, 30.0°C, and 28.8°C (for yesterday). That means we had already had a regional heat wave on Friday according to the definition used by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute. Today, the temperature at Twenthe Airport reached (at least) 29.2° Celsius, which breaks the record of 28.7° Celsius in 1959.

I wrote a program to process the file and list the records. Below the list starting from 2020. If a higher (or lower) temperature was achieved than I mentioned, than I have added the mentioned temperature. There are also some that I did not mention. Of course, this might be because I missed them, but it is also possible that it is not real a record, because a the temperature was already reached in a year before 1951.

Friday, September 8, 2023

GOGBOT and more

I first went to TETEM art space to see the the exhibition Liquid Dreams by Annika Kappner. This is also part of GOGBOT. During the guided meditation of the exhibition, I fell asleep. Next, I went to the other GOGBOT locations. I found some more works notable:

I bought three cotton shirts for € 29.99 each. I next went to bookshop Broekhuis where at 16:16:03, I bought the book The Andy Warhol Diaries written by Andy Warhol (in English), edited by Pat Hackett, published by Hachette UK in 2009, ISBN:9780446571241, for € 20.00.

29.8° Celsius

The temperature at Twenthe Airport has gone up to 29.8° Celsius, which breaks the previous record of 27.8° on this date in 2005.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Chestnut and hazelnuts

Conny gave me a chestnut and two hazelnuts, which she found yesterday. The chestnut was still half in it shield. We decided to plant the nuts in the back garden. I placed them, half in the soil between some sunflowers. Almost all of the sunflowers have topped over. We have had and still have a lot of flowers in the back garden. Still can smell the scent of them. We harvested two uniform-colored zucchini from our garden from three plants. The plants got a lot of male flowers. We do not know why they did not bear more fruits (growing from female flowers). The two grapevines that we planted on May 2 have not grown much, maybe because they were in the shadow of some flowers. The wisteria sinensis 'Prolific' is doing fine. The clematis have been doing less well. One of them seems to have died.

30.0° Celsius

The temperature at Twenthe Airport has gone up to 30.0° Celsius, which breaks the previous record of 26.7° on this date in 2005. Yesterday, the temperature reached 30.2° Celsius and the days before 29.7° and 25.6° Celsius. Which means that if tomorrow the temperature reaches 30.° again, which is quite likely, it means we have a regional heat wave.


This evening, I went to GOGBOT with the title Feed your head: Drugs & AI. The exhibition only opened around nine in the evening after the official opening speeches. This is the twentieth time that GOGBOT has been organized and the last time that Kees de Groot will organize it. I found the following works of the exhibition noteworth:

At 22:48, I bought the book How to Change Your Mind written by Michael Pollan in English and published by Penguin Publishing Group in 2019, ISBN:9780735224155, from Underbelly for € 16.00.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023


I got a response from an archaeologist with respect to the piece of stoneware that I found last Saturday. The piece probably comes from the foot of the pottery. The rim on the top half of the middle photograph is most likely a fracture surface that the bottom was attached to. So, the pieces are shown upside-down on the photographs. It is difficult to estimate the age of the piece, the best guess is that it is probably from the Middle Ages (500 - 1500), although it cannot completely ruled out that it is even older and comes from Roman times. The find is interesting but not really of much archaeological significance because it was made in the top soil layer that has probably been plowed many times and disturbed in other ways. There is a long tradition that arable areas were raised with manure and peat soil from elsewhere.

Monday, September 4, 2023


Sunday, September 3, 2023


Saturday, September 2, 2023


Last Monday, I found a piece of stone while during weeding at Hereenboeren Usseler Es. I used it to sharpen the hoe I was using. I thought about keeping it for that purpose, but I forgot about it. This morning, I found it at the place I left it. When I cleaned it with some water, I discovered that it was a piece of stonewhere. Below an image with pictures from three sides.

It looks like it is from the top of a round piece of earthware. I guess its diameter must have been about 7 cm. The top looks flat and the edge sticks a bit out. I have tried to determine it, but did not arrive at a final conclusion. My best guess is that it is from the period 1280 to 1400. But I could be totally wrong. I did find around 2008 some archaeological research was performed on the Usseler Es and that findings from various periods were found. At least from the Roman area but also possible settlements from the bronze or iron age. The reports (in Dutch) are:

I read that archaeological finds always have to be reported so I reported it, primarily because I want to know from which age it is. If I have to hand in the fragment, I am happy to do so.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Deventer Murder case

Tuesday the news came that the advise by the solicitor general D.J.C. Aben to Supreme Court of the Netherlands with respect to the Deventer Murder trial is to not reopen the case. The press statement (in Dutch) is: Advies AG aan Hoge Raad: Deventer moordzaak niet herzien about the official advice in the verdict (also in Dutch): ECLI:NL:PHR:2023:742. Last year, the cold case team that Aben assigned reported that were some serious omissions in the judgement. The Dutch newspaper article Coldcaseteam concludeert na drie jaar onderzoek dat ontlastend bewijs in Deventer moordzaak is achtergehouden about this started with the statement (translated with Google Translate):
In the Deventer murder case, the detective suffered from tunnel vision. An exculpatory document has been withheld, official reports have been manipulated, necessary criminal investigations have not been carried out and crucial DNA evidence is actually useless because it has been handled in an unacceptable manner on several occasions.

This article mentioned something about the mobile phone of Ernest Louwes connecting with a base station near Deventer. Translated with Google Earth it says:

In 2004, the court considered this to be 'not plausible', because Louwes' mobile phone beamed at a mast in Deventer - about 25 to 30 kilometers outside the route that Louwes claimed to have taken. According to the court, that distance was too great to be able to beam on a mast. The conclusion was that Louwes was lying and must have been in Deventer.

It now appears that the mobile phones of the detectives who followed the route beamed on masts that were much further than the one in Deventer, at distances of 108 and 61 kilometers respectively. But the original list on which the irradiated masts are located has been kept outside the case file. The masts located further away, which would relieve Louwes, have been omitted from the official reports about those routes followed.

In the press statement, as a motivation to not reopen the case, it states:

TNO and TU Delft have jointly researched this. In 2019, they concluded that due to the weather conditions in the evening of September 23, 1999, the chance of a telephone conversation via the transmission tower in Deventer is no greater than 5% if L. drove on the A28 near Nunspeet (as he himself had stated). However, the chance of a telephone conversation via the transmission tower in Deventer is greater than 90% if L. was in the area for which the transmission tower in Deventer was intended. According to AG Aben, this conclusion of TNO and TU Delft provides sufficient support for the opinion of the Court of Appeal that it is not plausible that L. was on the A28 on 23 September 1999 at 8.36 pm. The report therefore does not give rise to serious doubts about the correctness of the conviction.

When I read this on Tuesday, I got some feeling that there is something wrong with the reasoning of chances, maybe even similar to the one that played an important role in another Dutch case, that about Lucia de Berk, a nurse that was convicted of having murdered several children, just based on the fact that she happened to be on service when they died. The chance that a base station contacts with a certain mobile phone is not the same as the chance that a mobile phone contacts a certain base station from a certain location. If the weather forcast says it will be raining 90% of the day and you go outside during the day and have some proof that you did not get wet it is strange to state that because the forcast said that it rained 90% of the day, you must have gone out when it rained and that it is possible that everytime when it rained you happened to walk under a tree that kept you from getting wet. This is a bit like the reasoning that the solicitor general is using.

Yesterday evening, I read through the relevant parts in the verdict. It gives a lot of details. It does repeat details from the research report. The report does mention that base station 14501 was on a high mast and one of three covering the area around Deventer and that this base station points in the direction of where Louwes claimed to have been while making the phone call. It also mentions (without percentages) that while in Deventer other base stations on the mast could be contacted. The report does not mention that if Louwes would have traveled to Deventer taking the shortest route using highway A1 and from there traveled to the house of the victim, that only during the very last part of his trip, he would have been in the area of the base station. Louwes witnessed about some fact that proved that he drove on highway A28 and in point 125 of the verdict the solicitor general writes that these (translated with Google Translate): 'constitutes an objective indication that the applicant himself stood in that traffic jam on the A28.' But than the solicitor general goes on to reason that it is possible, that although Louwes did not drive in the direction of Deventer, but in the direction of his home on the A28, decided to take a detour using a country roads to Deventer (including a traffic detour). It is true, that if he would have taken this route, he would have been in the area covered by the base station. Personally, I find it a bit far fetched that, presuming that he was the killer, took the gamble that the traffic circumstances (including a traffic jam that caused a substantial delay) on the A28 would give him a good alibi.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Dune: Part Two

I read that the release date of the film Dune: Part Two was moved from November 3 this year to March 15, 2024 due to the 2023 Hollywood labor disputes. I felt a bit disappointed about this. I understand that the motivation to delay Dune: Part Two is that the actors are not available for interviews that are part of the promotion of the film. I wonder if these kind of interviews will make a big impact.There is a long list of films that are delayed. I wonder what will the dynamics of all thses delays on the profits once the delayed films are released. All these delays might be bad for the profits of cinemas, which have struggled in the past years, and the streaming services.


Monday, August 21, 2023


Sunday, August 20, 2023


This weekend, the Sea Surface Temperature of North Atlantic (0-60N, 0-80W) has reached the record high temperature of 25.3°Celsius, while for the World (60S-60N) it has reached 21.2°Celsius again, like it did on the first of April this year. Last years record of 24.9°Celsius was already reached on July 25. There is still room for an even higher temperature this month or during the first week of September, because last years record temperature was around September 3.


I recently came across the redesigned version (by Angie Cibis) of Updated Autism / ADHD / Giftedness Venn diagram by Katty Higgings Lee, MFT and realized that I scored almost all of the traits mentioned in the 'Giftedness' circle and only some in the 'Autism' and 'ADHD' circles (not common with the 'Giftedness' circle. It is important to note her definition of giftness is different from most other make of it. It is not 'High Functioning' nor 'High Achieving'. This realization seems to support my conclusion that I am not on the Autism Spectrum. I do agree with her observation that this giftness is not always a blessing and that it often leads to anxiety, depression and feelings of guilt.


Thursday, August 17, 2023

Spaghetti squash soup

I made some spaghetti squash soup. I used about twothirds of a spaghetti squash we got from Herenboeren Usseler Es. I glanced at a receipe online for some inspiration, but then followed my own intuition. I did the following: It tasted quite good.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Moving away from GitHub

I have some repositories on GitHub. Lately, I have been thinking about moving away from GitHub and host these repositories on my website without having to set up a git service. There is a way using bundles. If for example, I would want to do this with the RawParser repository, I could use the following command (executed in my local clone of the repository) to create a RawParser.bundle file:
   git bundle create RawParser.bundle --all
The generated RawParser.bundle file is in binary format. If someone want to have a look at it, they can download the bundle file and simple use a clone command like:
   git clone RawParser.bundle
If they have make some improvements in say three commits (preferable in a separate branch) and want to share those with me, they could use the following format-patch command to produce three patch file:
   git format-patch -3 HEAD
If they email those patch file, which are just plane text files, I can use apply command like the following to add them to my local repository:
   git apply some.patch.file
I guess these should result in exactly the same commits to be reproduced in my local repository. If I had made some own modification in the mean time, I could create a branch from the commit mentioned on the first line of the patch file and next merge these with my current state of the repository. When I think they are okay, I could use the bundle command to create a new bundle file. They could download this file and use a fetch command to update their local repository to include my changes.

Thursday, August 10, 2023


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Saturday, August 5, 2023


This morning, I went to Herenboeren Usseler Es to help with pre-sowing, which consisted of filling propagation trays and move a flood table where the propagation trays were placed on. Some quite ingenious devices were used: A table to fill the propagation trays with seed soil and a tool to make holes for the seeds to be put in. (Some pictures of an earlier pre-sowing activity in May.) It was quite a satisfying experience, which at moments felt very meditative.

Friday, August 4, 2023


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Monday, July 31, 2023

We see only 0.0035% of reality

Today, I read a tweet (in Dutch) by the Dutch professor of social psychology Roos Vonk with a quote from an article with the title (translated to English): 'We see only 0,0035% of reality' by Marian Donner in the news magazine De Groene Amsterdammer. In the quote it states that the visible (with our human eyes) part is 0.0035% of the full electromagnetic spectrum. I replied to this (in Dutch, translated to English): 'That light statement is a bit nonsense. If you look at the energy of the entire spectrum, what we can see is about 30% of the energy. Organic life cannot be observed much higher and lower either.' I based the 30% on a rough estimate of the visible part of the spectrum of solar radiation. There are some insects that can also see part of the ultra violet spectrum, but I do not know of any animals who can see part of the infrared spectrum. The most important reason for this, is that the temperature of most living organisms is such that they radiate infrared light and a sensor cannot detect light at a frequency that it emits itself or is transparent to. The latter is the reason why we cannot see X-rays. Humans are almost transparent at X-rays and higher energies and shining at the infrared spectrum. The reason we observe ourselves as solid (not transparent and not shining) is because of our eyes, that in order to be able to sense light need to non-transparent and non-emitting at the frequency range. There are some transparent sea animals, but the sensing part of there eyes, are never transparent. An interesting example is the Barreleys fish. To sense anything below infrared range you would need some (metal) conductors and complex resonance systems with amplifiers. There are no natural sources of signals in that range that convey interesting information.

In a reply to my tweet professor Vonk tweeted (translated to English) 'Man sees 30% of what matters, according to man. We from toilet duck.' (The expression 'We from toilet duck' referes to a TV commercial by Toilet Duck in which they advice their own product.) In a reply to a reply by someone else she wrote (translated to English): 'You can only say something about it if you know what you don't see. And you don't know that, do you? What is the world like when you see ultraviolet? When you feel the Earth's magnetic fields? Communicate with sonar, feel the muscle tension of peers with echolocation? Do you know what you're missing?' I struggled a lot with giving a sensible reply to this, as the questions she is raising here and that is why I decided to write this. It is true that there is a lot we cannot perceive directly, but in the past centuries we have developed instruments with which we can perceive these with. There is some indication that birds and also humans can sense the Earth's magnetic field. I once heard about a man who wore a belt with vibrating elements that would indicate the direction of the magnetic North and how it affected his preception of the world. I also have to think about how many insects are sensitive to the polarisation direction of light, something we cannot percieve at all. And also how our eyes, for those with normal colour preception, translate the visible spectrum to just three colour channels. And more interestingly how our colour perception is adjusted by lightning conditions and we barely have an absolute colour sense. And that brings us to the fact that our brain is the most important sense organ. I have heard that some sheperds after some time can distinguish between all the sounds of their sheep and even recognize individual sheeps and know when something is wrong with them. Our brains work such that if we are long enough exposed to some signals, that we start to differenciate them more and more. But at the same time a lot of perception is also unconsious. The paper Multisensory integration across exteroceptive and interoceptive domains modulates self-experience in the rubber-hand illusion seems to indicate that we can sense our own heart beat and that we can percieve very tiny changes in the colour of our hands due to our heart beat. Both things we normaly cannot consciously percieve. It seems that the reality as we percieve it is something that is produced by the unconscious part of our brain. Of course, you do not know what you do not know, but you can realize that there are a lot of things that you do not know. Through my life, I have realized that any area, even as simple as making clay pots, is always far more complex than you at first sight would have thought. This gives me some sense of how limited my knowledge is and that there are subjects that I know nothing about. I have become more and more careful with expressing certainty about facts. I have become a sceptic. I also think that a bigger problem of not knowing what you know is that many people seem not to be able to recognize that others might percieve 'reality' in a different way. Many neurodivergent persons have come to the understanding that others percieve reality different, but also that many neurotypicals have a hard time to even imagine that neurodivergency exists. One reason why I reacted to the original tweet is because I felt that a cetain scientific fact was taken out of context to support something unrelated. It is something I see happen more often and that irritates me. I do not claim to be an expert in all fields, but many people are not aware that they are not an expert in a certain field.

Friday, July 28, 2023


This evening, I went weeding at the Herenboeren Usseler Es. This was the second time that I helped take care of the vegetables. The first time was last week Tuesday, when I just did a bit of weeding. This time, I used a very simple weeding tool, a weeder with a straight blade, that is known in the Netherlands as a 'schoffel'. Weeding with this kind of tool is called 'schoffelen'. I guess, I was a bit enthusiastic as I got two blisters on my fingers. I found it very relaxing, almost meditative, to perform the weeding. The weather was nice and the sun was slowly setting. Afterwards, I took a bit longer route through the fields to bike home.

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Saturday, July 22, 2023

The Left Hand of Darkness

In the evening, I finished reading the book The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula L. Le Guin, which I started reading of July 16 after I bought it on July 5. Although the story is presented in linear fashion, I guess a second reading is required to fully graps the story. Luckily the introduction by David Mitchell and the afterword by Charlie Jane Anders (which I both only read after finishing the book) helped grasp some aspects that I had missed. I found the Chapters 15 to 19 a bit tedious and not really adding much to the story. I guess that Harth must have gone into kemmer at least a second time during their long trip, but nothing is written about it. I somehow was expecting that something sexual might have happened between them. Although the book deals about the subject of gender and sexuality, it is very sexless book. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading the book.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023


At 09:29, I bought the book De schilders van Drenthe written by Annemiek Rens in Dutch and published by WBOOKS in 2017, ISBN:9789462582279, from charity shop Het Goed for € 4.60.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023


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If I did not count wrong, this site consists of 1043 HTML-files with a total size of 38,274,664 characters, having 81,177 internal links and 15,991 external links to (more than) 4,771 websites. (At least 761 of the external links are broken.) Furthermore, it contains 237 C/C++ program files with a total size of 5,357,159 characters, 10 MySample scripts with a total size of 77,438 characters, 3 PASCAL program files with a total size of 35,259 characters. and 2 Python program files with a total size of 3,764 characters. There are 68 text files with a total size of 740,099 characters. With respect to images, this site containts 1326 JPEG images (total size 58,942,680 bytes), 146 GIF images (total size 3,765,046 bytes), 94 PNG images (total size 2,280,364 bytes), and 2 BMP images (total size 3,727 bytes). With respect to sounds, it contains 14 WAV files with a total size of 389,002 bytes and 2 MP3 files with a total size of 8,717,982 bytes. It also contains 43 PostScript files (total size 308,387 bytes), 2 LaTeX files (total size 132,020 characters), 12 PDF files (total size 13,083,876 characters), 22 zip files (total size 2,487,335 bytes), 3 gzipped tar files (total size 52,345 bytes), 45 SGF files with a total size of 85,019 bytes, 159 KML files with a total size of 6,090,797 bytes, 1 bundle files with a total size of 99,918 bytes, and 2 EXE files with a total size of 38,340 bytes. It also uses 19 JavaScript files with a total size of 1,247,119 bytes, This leads to a total size of 145,586,048 bytes.


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