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I write, therefore I am

With this variation on a famous statement by the philosopher Descartes, I would like to express that the act of writing about what happens in my life is important to me.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

32.1° Celsius

The temperature at Twenthe Airport has gone up to 32.1° Celsius, which breaks the previous record of 28.7° on this date in 1973.

Grid visualization

In the past weeks, since July 11, I have been wrestling with the visialization of regular grids of squares and equilateral triangles. Below the visualization of some of the grids that according to the algoritm I implemented before are unique. However, they are not all unique, which means I have to look into that algorithm again. Look for the patterns with the code: 2 2 2 2 4 1 0.

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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Rijksmuseum Twenthe

This afternoon, Conny and I went to Rijksmuseum Twenthe. We first saw the exhibition Sottobosco with works by Elspeth Diederix. Later we also visited the garden at the back of the museum that she designed. I found the following works noteworthy:
  • Butterflies, 2006.
  • Cyclamen, 2022.
  • Leaf Landscape, 2022.
  • Dark Light, 2022.
  • Rain Leaf, 2022.
  • Morning Glory, 2021.
  • Camino, 2022.
  • Tulips, 2022.
  • Montropa, 2022.
  • Flame Flower, 2009.
  • Woods, 2022.
  • Fritillaria & Enphorbia, 2022.

Next we went to see the gold and silver coins from the sixth century that were found in Springendal, a valey near Tubbergen. We also paid a short visit to Tolerance Test by Charlotte Schleiffert, because one of the voices was very hard to hear.

Next we saw the exhibition So Future (RMT x GOGBOT), which is going to be part of the GOGBOT festival this September. There we saw the following exhibits:

At 15:22, I bought the book A Critical History of Media Art in the Netherlands written by Marga van Mechelen and Sanneke Huisman in English and published by Jap Sam Books in November 2019, ISBN:9789492852144, from the museum bookshop for € 39.95. Conny also bought a book and we bought two Lovi wooden creations: the Lovi Star and the pink Lovi Dragongly.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022


At 16:50, I bought the following two books from charity shop Het Goed:
  • De Beste Verzorgde Boeken 2006 | The Best Dutch Book Design 2006 written in Dutch and English and published by CPNB Collectieve in 2007, ISBN:9789059650640, for € 4.90.
  • Open 18, 2030: Oorlogszone Amsterdam written by Jorinde Seijdel and Liesbeth Melis, edited by J. Seijdel, written in Dutch, and published by nai010 uitgevers in January 9999, ISBN:9789056627096, for € 4.90. One reason why I bought the book is that it has a reproduction of a map of Amsterdam from 1945.

Ancillary Justice

I finished reading the book Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, which I started reading on last Saturday when I received it. Because I had already read the second book of the Imperial Radch trilogy, I knew some things that were going to happen. However, I really wanted to know how things played out and that was one of the reasons to finish the book in a short time. I have to admit that at some points I found it hard to put the book down. It is a good story, but there are some things that I find hard to believe. For example, how can an ancillary controlled by an AI in a ship, when disconnected, have all the knowledge and the intelligence of the AI and not simply 'shut-down' and become passive.

Sunday, August 7, 2022


Thursday, August 4, 2022

Folding a circle into a triangle

This evening, I was playing with the round paper cover of an icecream, trying to fold it into a triangle and I noticed that the three folded parts came together at the same point. In a sense, did not surprise me, as I knew the triangle has many so called centers. (There is even an encyclopedia of it.) However, I have not been able to found the given center. Below an animation of folding the black circle into a red triangle and the grey circles representing the folded parts crossing at the same point.


Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Het Zwaard van Radch

I finished reading the book Het Zwaard van Radch, the Dutch translation of Ancillary Sword by Ann Lecki, which I start reading last Friday after I bought it on last Thursday. By the fact that I finished the book in such a short time, it is clear that the book did captivate me. But it was also a lot because I wanted to know how the plot developed into something dramatic. The middle part had a lot of relational type of contents and felt kind like a detective. (Somehow the main character, Breq, made me think of Vera Stanhopefrom the TV series Vera.) Then at the end there was suddenly some dramatic action. Know I want to read the first book of the series.


Friday, July 29, 2022

Wind direction graph

Today, I read the copyrigcht page of the website of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and noticed that it has a CC0: Zero / public domain license. So, I do feel no problem to create a copy of the Weer- en klimaatpluim en Expertpluim page that shows the improved wind direction graph.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Summer sale: 3 for 10€

In the evening, I went to bookshop Broekhuis and found out that it was the last week of the summer sale during which each book costed only 5€ and three books 10€. These kinds of offerings always drive me mad, because when I have found two books that I want to buy, I always find it hard to find a third book that I like enough to be included. It often results me in not buying any book at all. I spend more than an hour going through all the books on sale to end up buying the following three books for 10€:
  • ”Zenschede” boekje met Haiku's written by Robin Pater in Dutch and published by De Walvisch in 2020, ISBN:9789081788434.
  • Miro Švolík - Homage to all my inspirations written by Miro Švolík and Eric Min in English and Czech, and published by Voetnoot Publishers in July 2019, ISBN:9789491738548
  • Het Zwaard van Radch written by Ann Leckie in Dutch, translated by Mariëtte van Gelder from Ancillary Sword written in English, and published by Luitingh-Sijthoff in July 2016, ISBN:9789024571543.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

MCH2022: Day five

After a good night of sleep, I watched and/or listened to parts of the following talks MCH2022 online:

Wind direction graph

I have been looking into a way for when you are using Highcharts and are having multiple graphs on one webpage but you only want to modify the behaviour for a single graph. The solution I have arrived at for having an alternative implementation for getGraphPath is to look at some unique property of the chart, like the title or the container name, using the this.chart object. I managed to implement the nice wind direction graph in a local copy of the Weer- en klimaatpluim en Expertpluim webpage of The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute by inserting the following JavaScript code on line 341 in the HTML of the webpage:
var orginalGetGraphPath = Highcharts.seriesTypes.line.prototype.getGraphPath;
   = function(points, nullsAsZeroes, connectCliffs) {
  if (!this.chart.title.textStr.includes("richting")) {
    return orginalGetGraphPath.call(this, points, nullsAsZeroes, connectCliffs);
  var points = this.points
  if (points == undefined) return []
  var graphPath = []
  var height = this.yAxis.height
  var heightd2 = height / 2
  var prevPoint = points[0]
  graphPath.push(['M', prevPoint.plotX, prevPoint.plotY])
  for (var i = 1; i < points.length; i++) {
    var curPoint = points[i]
    if (prevPoint.plotY - curPoint.plotY > heightd2) {
      var f = (prevPoint.plotY - height) 
              / (prevPoint.plotY - (curPoint.plotY + height))
      var midX = (1-f) * prevPoint.plotX + f * curPoint.plotX
      graphPath.push(['L', midX, height ])
      graphPath.push(['M', midX, 0 ])
    else if (curPoint.plotY - prevPoint.plotY > heightd2) {
      var f = (curPoint.plotY - height)
              / (curPoint.plotY - (prevPoint.plotY + height))
      var midX = (1-f) * curPoint.plotX + f * prevPoint.plotX
      graphPath.push(['L', midX, 0 ])
      graphPath.push(['M', midX, height ])
    graphPath.push(['L', curPoint.plotX, curPoint.plotY])
    prevPoint = curPoint
  this.graphPath = graphPath
  return graphPath

Monday, July 25, 2022

MCH2022: Day four

After a good night of sleep, I watched and/or listened to parts of the following talks MCH2022 online:

Wind direction graph

I figured out how to make a nice wind direction graph using Highcharts. I did this, by replacing the getGraphPath method by a function that deals with the wrapping around of values. (I do not know how to this if you have multiple graphs on one web page where you do not want this on all graphs.) Below the effect of this is shown with some example data.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

MCH2022: Day three

Today will be my last day at MCH2022 camp ground. (I might follow part of the program at home.) In the morning, I emptied my tent and brought the remaining belongings to my car. The tent was still a bit wet (due to condensation) to be packed.

At 10:00, I attended the talk Running a mainframe on your laptop for fun and profit by Jeroen Baten.

At 11:00, I attended the talk Heuristic Park (why we can fake it until we make it). This talk made me think about the possible causes of the fake news. I felt that the speaker did not address all the why questions but primarily talked about the mechanism that are at work. I wonder if these mechanism can be countered if you do not address the why questions. But then I also realized that the answers to the why questions are hard to grasp for people especially when they are already trapped in fake news which in a way are similar to religious believe systems.

At 13:00, I gave my workshop A practical approach to parsing using . There were about 20 to 25 people attending the workshop of which most stayed till the end. Just the right amount. I was happy that so many people showed up also because it was already getting hot. When we came to the exersize part, people really got into it. Some people thanked me afterwards. I hope that some of them are able to put it to practical use or that it at least has been of some help thinking about issues related to parsing, abstract syntax tree, and interpreting. With one of the attendees I talked about the problem of writing a interpreter in JavaScript that can be interrupted when getting into an infinite loop. While driving home, I thought about the possibility of using an array to store the stack for solving the problem with recursive functions and being able to continue the execution after some user interaction. This would also allow you to implement a debugger.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

MCH2022: Day two

Although I am staying in the quiet camping area at MCH2022, the noises from some of the stages at MCH2022 could still clearly be heard. I woke-up at 5:48 discovering that the battery of my mobile was extremely low. I decided to get up and go to the Silent Lounge to rechard my appliances.

At 11:00, I attended the Reverse engineering for beginners workshop. The first piece of reverse engineering was using procyon Java decompiler to reverse engineer a jar file. There was something to figure out and I wrote a piece of JavaScript, to produce: . Next we looked at some machine code and installed radare2. I did not get to use it because I decided that I wanted to visit some other talk.

At 12:30, I went to the self organized session Solid, Linked Data and Decentralized Web Meetup, where I attended the talks Funding 101: NLnet and NGI and Solid: Vlaanderen, Nederland, Europe. It was getting hot. I decided to have a warm lunch at Heaven.

At 15:17, I walked into the talk What have you done against covid (a personal retrospective).

At 16:12, I arrived at the Badge Workshop. It was quite busy, so, I sat on the ground and left about a quarter of an hour. I went to my tent and stayed there some time. I noticed that I have some problem with the heat, which makes it hard to think clear. As tomorrow it is even getting hotter and I feel kind of lost, realizing again that these kind of hacker camps are not really my kind of thing, I decided to leave tomorrow after I gave my workshop. I already brought some of my belongings back to my car.

At 22:00, I attended the talk Cryptography is easy, but no magic. Use it. Wisely. The talk was interrupted several times due to problems with the audio system.

At 22:48, I joined the (already ungoing) talk Non-Euclidean Doom: what happens to a game when pi is not 3.14159….

Friday, July 22, 2022

MCH2022: Day one

This morning, I arrived at MCH2022, a hacker camp held in Zeewolde, the Netherlands. I spend some time setting up my tent and met some people. I also tested the badge and inserted the 32Gbite SD card I bought on Wednesday. From 14:00 till about 16:15, I did my first volunteer (angle) shoft as a running angle. Mostly spend my time at the delivery gate and one time escorted a camper on bike to the Fuze field, one of the camper fields. I got a food vouvher and a purple angle t-shirt.

At 17:00, I attended the opening at Abacus. At 18:00, I attended The Silicon Passion also at Abacus. I left before the end of the show. I went back to mmy tent, talked a bit there, and then walked around the campground. At 19:54, I arrived at Heaven, where dinner was served for the angles. It was a simple but teastfull meal that I shared with another man who I met in the queue. At 20:40, I attended the talk Hacking the genome: how does it work, and should we? by Bert Hubert. Afterwards, I went to the Unlock the City village, where I just saw the end of the Wardriver UK talk. This is about tracking the location of open WiFi access points. I walked around the bar area where there people playing with flam throwers and watched the music stage a bit and decided to go to the Silent Lounge where I completed writing this.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

37.7° Celsius

The temperature at Twenthe Airport has gone up to 37.7° Celsius, which breaks the previous record of 35.6° on this date in 2006.

Wind direction graphs

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute has some website showing the result of simulations runs to predict the weather for the coming two weeks. These also include fifth runs with slightly random disturbances to see how trustworthy the predictions are. To see these, one has to select 'Expertpluim' on the Weer- en klimaatpluim en Expertpluim page and click on the 'Toon' buttion. I am a little annoyed about graph showing the prediction for the wind direction (called 'Windrichting (graden)' because when the wind direction goes from, for ezample 10° to 350°, a change of 20°, it shows as a change of 340°. I find this very ugly.


Sunday, July 17, 2022

Aldo van Eyck

I finished reading the book Aldo Van Eyck, Humanist Rebel: Inbetweening in a Post-war World written by Liane Lefaivre and Alexander Tzonis, which I started reading on June 16 after I bought it on April 14. The book is about the Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck. It feels like the book is more targeted to people who know a bit more about architecture than a lay person like me. Too me the text felt a little suggestive at some places, trying to make connections with ideas from others for which I wonder whether Van Eyck has made these at well.

Saturday, July 16, 2022


Thursday, July 14, 2022

Quechua MH100 2P Fresh & Black

At the end of the afternoon, a Quechua MH100 2 person Fresh & Black tent and an air mattress from Decathlon arrived, which I had ordered on June 23. I bought them for when I go to MCH2022 next week.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022


Tuesday, July 12, 2022


Monday, July 11, 2022

Irregular grids

It has been some time since, I looked at the problem of the generations of irregular grids of squares and equilateral triangles due to being occupied with things among some preparations for MCH2022. I already started implementing a uniqueness test for the generated patterns by converting them to a graph and compare these graphs to see if two patterns are the same except for some translation and/or rotation. In the past days, I finished an implementation in a new version of irst.cpp. I does find some patterns to be the same, but I have not verify yet if it finds all the matching patterns. I think that for verifying this, I have to implement something to visualize the patterns and see if there are still patterns that are the same but not recognized as such.

Sunday, July 10, 2022


Saturday, July 9, 2022

Summer sale

This afternoon, I went into the city. I first visisted Galerie Objektief, where I saw the exhibition Wasting time with photographs by AKI students. After this, I walked a bit through the city and went to bookshop Broekhuis where I looked at the new arrivals. Only when I went outside, I noticed that there was a summer sale. I went inside again and spend some time looking at the summer sale books. At 16:02:45, I bought the book I Am Spock written by Leonard Nimoy in English and published by Hachette Books in 2015, ISBN:9780316388375, for € 10.75 from the sale with a 50% discount.

Street tile pattern

Below there is a way in which the the street tile pattern could be completed to fill the garden (if I am not mistaken about the dimensions). It seems that it just the versaille tile pattern. It looks like this pattern can be used to fill any triangle.

This text is displayed if your browser does not support HTML5 Canvas.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Gerrit Rietveld Academie Finals

While traveling home, Conny and I went Amsterdam to see the finals exhibition at the Gerrit Rietvel Academie, I found the following things noteworthy (in the order, I encountered them):

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Four bookshops

In the morning, I visited four bookshops: De Vries Van Stockum, Paagman, Mayflower Bookshop, and The American Book Center. At 10:11:58, I bought the book When the mood strikes...: Verzameling Wilfried & Yannicke Cooreman written by Ward Daenen, Tanguy Eeckhout, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens (Deurle), and Lars Kwakkenbos, written in Dutch and published by Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens in 2009, ISBN:9789076034003, from bookshop Paagman for € 5.00.

Kunstmuseum Den Haag

This afternoon, Conny and I visited Kunstmuseum Den Haag together with Peter Struycken. First we went to see the Alphonse Mucha exhibition. There we saw the following works by Alphonse Mucha (if not attributed otherwise) among the works on display:
  • Costume design for Hamlet, 1899.
  • Hamlet, 1899
  • Full scale design for Hamlet, 1899.
  • Lorenzaccio, 1896.
  • La Dame aux Camélias, 1896.
  • Médée (Medea), 1898.
  • Gismonde, 1894.
  • Sarah Bernhardt weeping, circa 1896.
  • Sarah Bernhardt dinning off a chair, circa 1986.
  • Ilsée, Princess de Tripoli, 1897.
  • Princesse lointaine-lamp, circa 1900.
  • Sarah Bernhardt as Ka Princesse Lointaine.
  • Théâtre de la Renaissance, circa 1895.
  • La Samaritaine, circa 1897.
  • Quai du Louvre, circa 1867 by Claude Monet.
  • Bières de la Meuse, 1897.
  • Five photographic studies with models posing in Mucha's studio, circa 1900-1901.
  • Four photographic studies with dancing nude in Mucha's studio, circa 1900.
  • Photographic study with woman posing in Mucha's studio, circa 1899.
  • Fleur de cerisier (Cherry Blossom), 1898.
  • Salon de Cent, 1897.
  • Cycles Perfecta, 1902.
  • Waverley Cycles, 1898.
  • La Trappistine, 1897.
  • Monaco - Monte Carlo, 1897.
  • Les Heures du Jour (The times of the Day), 1899.
  • Woman holding flowers, circa 1900.
  • Les Saisons (The Seasons), 1896.
  • La Primevére (Primrose) & La Plume (Feather), 1899.
  • Rêverie (Daydream), 1898.
  • Imprimerie Cassan Fils, 1896.
  • F. Guillot Pelletier-Orleans 1838-1898 Calendar, 1897.
  • Studie for the poster Société Populaire des Beaux-Arts, 1897.
  • Biscuits Lefévre-Utile, 1896.
  • Design for a fan, 1899.
  • Lance Parfum 'Rodo', circa 1896.
  • Box for Lefèvre-Utile Biscuits, 1899.
  • Figures décoratives: drawing for plate 2, 1904.
  • Decorative plate: Autum, 1897.
  • Les Arts (The Arts), 1898.
  • Printemps (Spring) & Automme (Autumn), 1900.
  • L'Automatique, circa 1900.
  • Aurora (Dawn), 1899.
  • Crépuscule (Dusk), 1899.
  • Salon de Cent, 20th Exhibition, 1896.
  • Czechoslovak Freemason's Certificate, circa 1925.
  • L'Année quivient (The coming year), 1897.
  • Study for zodiac, circa 1896.
  • Le Pater, circa 1900.
  • Song of Bohemia, 1918.
  • Princezna Hyacinta (Princess Hyacinth), 1911.
  • Lottery of the National Unity for Southwestern Moravia, 1912.
  • 8th Sokal Festival in Prague, 1925.
  • Job, 1898.
  • The Collectors: Fisherwoman, 1967 by Bob Masse.
  • Vanilla Fudge, Charles Lloyd Quartet, North American Ibis Alchemical Co. Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, 1967 by Anton Kelley.
  • The Rolling Stones in Concert, 1969 by David Byrd.
  • Cat Stevens: Tea for the Tillerman, 1971 by Frank Carson.

Then walked through (parts of) the exhibition Discover the Modern. We saw, among others, the following works:

  • Old Neighbourhood with Small Gardens, 1809 by Egbert van Driest.
  • Beach and Ships at Scheveningen, circa 1840 by Andreas Schelfhout.
  • Portrait of Paul Gabriël by Jacob Ritsema.
  • Polder Landscape, 1880-1882, Paul Gabriës.
  • Girl in a red Kimono (Geesje Kwak), circa 1893 by George Hendrik Breitner.
  • Beach scene, 1887 by Hendrik Johannes Weissenburch.
  • Cassis. caplombard, opus 196, 1889 by Paul Signac.
  • Self-portrait, 1887 by Vincent van Gogh.
  • Autumn tree, 1911 by Leo Gestel.
  • Labour (the woodcutter), 1905 by Jan Toorop.
  • Czardasdancers, 1908-1920 by Ernst Ludwig.
  • Kircher, 1976-1923 by Jacoba van Heemskerck.
  • Self-portrait (Standing with palette), 1932-1933 by Charley Toorop.
  • Wisteria, 1917-1920 by Claude Monet.
  • Woman with a mustard pot, 1910 by Pablo Picasso.
  • Two dead rooks, 1907 by Floris Vester.

After a short break, we went to see the exhibition Mondrian Moves with works by Piet Mondrian and others. We saw, among others, the following works:

  • Summer Night, 1906-1907.
  • Landzicht Farm, circa 1905.
  • Oostzijdse Mill in Moonlight, circa 1907.
  • A Farm Shed behind a Fence, circa 1902-1904.
  • Haystack behind a Row of Willows, circa 1905.
  • Oostzijdse Mill, circa 1907.
  • Fishermen on the waterside, circa 1878 by Paul Joseph Constatin Gabriël.
  • Seascape, 1909.
  • Landschap, 2003 by Bettie van Haaster.
  • Large Landscape, 1907-1908.
  • Moon Night II, Laren, 1911 by Jan Sluiters.
  • Spring, 1972 by Edgar Fernhout.
  • Zeeland Farmer, 1909.
  • Dune III, 1909.
  • Dune I, 1909.
  • Evolution, 1911.
  • Study for 'The Day', 1899 by Fredinand Hodler.
  • Viola in Quarantaine, 2020 by Esther Bruggink.
  • Lily, circa 1917.
  • Chrysanthemyms, 1908.
  • Young Child, 1900-1901.
  • Composition with red, blue, black, yellow and grey, 1921.
  • Hammer and saw (Still life composition), circa 1917 by Vilmos Huszár.
  • 1.000.000mm (=1Km), 1975 by Stanley Brown.
  • Bantieu, 2003 by Tjebbe Beekman.
  • Composition with red, yellow, black, blue and grey, 1921.
  • Lighthouse at Westkapelle, 1909.
  • Counter-Composition of Dissonants XVI, 1925 by Theo van Doesburg.
  • Vicotry Boogie Woogie, 1942-1944.
  • Untitled, 2018 by Rob van Koningsbruggen.
  • Uzlany II, 1973 by Frank Stella.
  • Black and White, 1932 by Marlow Moss.
  • Composition with Grid 9: Checkerboard.
  • Composition XVII, 1919.
  • Arleguin (Harlequin), 1913 by Pablo Picasso.
  • Composition Trees 2, 1912-1913.
  • The Grey Tree, 1911.
  • Composition in Oval with Colour Planes 2, 1914.
  • Cercle Disk Relief, 1966 by Jan Schoonhoven.
  • Synthetic Construction w 4, 1958 by Joost Baljeu.
  • Composition with yellow lines, 1933.
  • Two Yellows, Composition with Circles 7, 2011 by Bridget Riley.
  • Relief Néo-plastique no 10, 1930 by César Domela.
  • Counter-Shadow, 2008 by Germaine Kruip.

Then in some other part of the museum, we saw (amongh other works):

  • Self-Portrait, 1922 by Charley Toorop.
  • Christ and Buddha, circa 1890 by Paul-Elie Ransom.

North-East Chinese Eatery 东北小吃

For a dinner we went to North-East Chinese Eatery 东北小吃. We ordered the following dishes:
  • Steamed Siu Kau dumpings: Pork with bakchoi (as a starter)
  • Seabass with fresh chili
  • Baked duck row
  • Beef with garlic stems
  • Stir fried bell peppers, potato & eggplants
  • Fried eggs with tomatoes
The dishes were a bit larger than expected. We shared them among us as the Chinese are known to do. The dishes were also not all delivered at the same time, so it felt very Chinese. All dishes tasted as expected. Very nice experience.

We walked with Peter to Den Haag HS railway station. Along the way we came across the house of Baruch Spinoza, the house where he used to live for some years, and The Grey Space. On the way back to the hotel, we also show the electronic parst shop Radio Twenthe.

Too 'smart'

In the evening, I discovered that my implementation for the hatchery client of the MCH2022 badge was replaced by a new implementation using one of the standard JSON parsing libraries that construct a generic structure. I do not know why it was replaced but I guess that in a sense my implementation was too 'smart'. That is a problem with software development that sometimes you write code that is very specific and optimal for a certain application, but for that reason too inaccessible or complex for someone else who has to modify something about it and has not the time to delve into it and to understand the code. Maybe I too have fallen a bit in the trap of premature optimization and that a solution doing a lot of needles memory allocations and being less efficient was good enough in this case. Writing software is also about communication and similar to writing texts it can happen that you have misjudged your audience. This danger might even be bigger, because there are so many different programming styles.

Monday, July 4, 2022

KABK Finals

I went to Graduation show 2022 exhibition at Royal Academy of Art. I found the works of the following graduates noteworthy:

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Woerden and The Hague

Conny and I went to The Hague. On the way there, we went to Woerden, where I lived from 1965 till august 1981. We walked aroung my old neighbourhood. Also along the primary school, I attended. Next, we parked in the city center, were we walked around and paid a short visited to the Bonaventura church, where only the enterance was open to the public. I spend many Sunday morning in this church. Along the gracht, we found a small, two floors house that was on sale. (Later in the evening, we found it was on sale for 425,000 €. Inside it looked quite nice and in the back garden there was a street tile pattern.)

After we had checked in with our hotel, we went to the most North part of the beach in Scheveningen. I walked into the sea some distance. (Picture.) The water was not really cold, about 16.5° Celsius according to some website. I got some spash of water in my hair when a wave hit me from the back when I walked back to the beach. We went over to beach bar Naturel were we had some drinks and dinner with a piece of cake as desert. Conny had a Kapsalon and I had a Tlacoyo Maduro. We hoped to see a nice sunset as the sky was clear, but at the horizon there were some clouds. We left the bar around ten and took some pictures of the sea while walking back to the parking place.

Street tile pattern

I spend some time reconstructing the street tile pattern in the back garden of the house. If I a not mistaken, the part that is visible in the pictures, looks like this:

This text is displayed if your browser does not support HTML5 Canvas.

At first, I thought that it was not very regular, but when I entered the data to create the above representation, I recognized many repeating patterns.

Saturday, July 2, 2022


In the past weeks, I worked on the firmware for the MCH2022 badge in particular the menu for connecting to the hatchery and downloading apps to the internal storage of the badge. The file hatchery_client.c contains the code for querying the hatchery RESP API and processing the JSON responses. The most tricky part of the code, is the part that processes the Unicode espace sequences including the support for surrogate pairs.


Friday, July 1, 2022


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If I did not count wrong, this site consists of 1023 HTML-files with a total size of 23,832,190 characters, having 51,174 internal links and 13,519 external links to (more than) 4,354 websites. (At least 765 of the external links are broken.) Furthermore, it contains 226 C/C++ program files with a total size of 4,959,121 characters, 10 MySample scripts with a total size of 77,438 characters, 3 PASCAL program files with a total size of 35,259 characters. and 2 Python program files with a total size of 3,764 characters. There are 67 text files with a total size of 739,138 characters. With respect to images, this site containts 1310 JPEG images (total size 58,107,465 bytes), 146 GIF images (total size 3,765,046 bytes), 94 PNG images (total size 2,280,364 bytes), and 2 BMP images (total size 3,727 bytes). With respect to sounds, it contains 14 WAV files with a total size of 389,002 bytes and 1 MP3 files with a total size of 70,182 bytes. It also contains 43 PostScript files (total size 308,387 bytes), 2 LaTeX files (total size 132,020 characters), 11 PDF files (total size 12,472,212 characters), 22 zip files (total size 2,487,335 bytes), 3 gzipped tar files (total size 52,345 bytes), 45 SGF files with a total size of 85,019 bytes, 141 KML files with a total size of 5,464,411 bytes, and 2 EXE files with a total size of 38,340 bytes. It also uses 19 JavaScript files with a total size of 1,226,303 bytes, This leads to a total size of 119,902,776 bytes.


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I, Frans hold the copyrights of this and all other pages on this website. For this website a Creative Commons License is applicable. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. I consider all computer programs to be copyrighted by me under the GNU General Public License, unless stated explicitly otherwise. All quotes (text and program fragments) from other sources are excluded from this, and should be considered as copyrighted by their authors.