TECO macro which calculates Pi

Stanley Rabinowitz wrote a TECO macro for calculating pi in any number of decimals. The first time I heard about this, was through a messages posted to the comp.lang.c newsgroup by Martin Ambuhl, as a reply to a request for an algorithm computing Pi by Karl Poglitsch:

The above macro does work (according to Mark Henderson) with some current TECO implementations (Pete Siemsen's TECOC and Matt Fichtenbaum's UNIX TECO). E.g.
# TECOC-146
$ tecoc mung pi.tec,20
# Fichtenbaum TECO
$ te @pi.tec 20
Please note that two $$ are dollar signs, and must be replaced with two ESCs. Also, what you do is: teco @pi-macro nnn, where nnn is the numer of digits you wish to produce. It is 40 if nnn is not present.

here it is uuencoded:

begin 622 pi.tec
And, by the way, Stanley Rabinowitz finally got an article published on the algorithm. If anyone is interested, you can find it at any university library: The alt.lang.teco newsgroup discusses TECO related problems. This newsgroup is also read by one of the original authors: Mark Bramhall.

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